Friday, September 14, 2007

TEMPUS "The Temple of Time" Singapore

I was gone for the duration of the Tempus (actually longer from 9/3-9/10/2007) and will report in deatil from my first hand experiences at this monumental watch event.

First Impressions

OK so after landing late last night after a 25 hour trip back to Chicago I was still charged up after sincerely the best week I had in a looooong time. The TEMPUS event was ALL that it was lauded to be and much more then one would expect in so many ways. The watches, the people, the creators, the horology aficionados, the company reps, fellow HoroMundians all made this a grand weeklong extravaganza that will be remembered for times to come. The main differentiator was the opportunity to have the accessibility to handle the watches & actually have time to spend talking to their creators which was unparalleled to anything we have today in this industry. Another great aspect was the people and appreciation of watch fans in Singapore which brought this to a whole another level – definitely establishing this city undisputed crown of horology Mecca. Now all this by itself would be well enough, but then we had the pleasure of evening and late nights in Singapore that really brought out friendships and further camaraderie to a whole other level. Almost every night one could find someone you didn’t know that well yet after a few bites to eat and more then a few drinks we were talking almost like long lost friends. I have felling you will hear & see much more about this although it will be very hard to convey this in words unless you were present.

Needn’t I say that we all have plenty of photos documenting this all that need much processing and I am sure we will have plenty of reports cropping out in due time.

Lastly before getting into any particulars I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to our hosts from our Horomundi/Revolution without whom this all would not be possible or at least not as half as grand. You gals & guys need no introduction just a big round of applause for your tireless work and most tremendous job done. In addition a special note to HourGlass Team for a fantastic job on gathering all the participants and the whole organization of the event. Lastly a big thank you to everyone that attended and in a way made this event that much more special with their presence. Thank you all and of course this report will be continued.

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