Thursday, April 3, 2008

Exclusive - JLC's Tribute to Memovox Polaris: Paris Boutique Launch Party

On April 3rd at the MJLC Paris Boutique there was a preview launch party to the much awaited upcoming 2008 SIHH model the rendition and rebirth of the Polaris.

Already so much has been said about this legendary vintage piece and finally officially announced the tribute to this piece in this press release published last week, yet there was no confirmed photos of the prototypes in the real world. Well the wait is over.

Being that these are not professional photos, but rather real life photos taken to share firsthand this news with all of the worldwide aficionados of JLC and Polaris, please excuse the overall quality and obtrusive lighting. Do note that this are working prototypes which should indicate the final look of the pieces although some minor changes are possible to the final versions. Special thanks goes to my buddy Asi for taking care of business of being the reporter with camera on hand.

Much has been painstakingly taken care of to preserve each detail and nuance of the past in order to pay the respects to the legend with the most accurate tribute.

From the presentation box complete with a certificate of origin and a booklet telling the story of the now legendary watch.

The two models that made the most lasting impact on their era were chosen for the 2008 re-editions, the first corresponds to the original Memovox Polaris, as it was launched in 1965 which will be a LE limited edition of 165 (EDITED: changed from 65) in 950 platinum (which is not shown here, but expect it to be very similar to Paris Boutique Edition).

The second is the most famous model of all, created in 1968, this stainless steel 1968 model comes in a limited edition of 768.

Finally the special Paris Boutique Edition, in order to commemorate the place where the idea of a tribute was born and further developed to its present state, a stainless steel model that comes in a limited edition of 65 pieces.

Compared to their vintage contraparts I think they stack very good and pay a careful notion to featuring almost all of their essential characteristics to most painstaking detail.

1968 model: vintage on left and tribute on right. The main indications on the re-edition of the most famous 1968 model are aged patina style luminescent. This star model is also distinguished by its open worked baton-type hands and its large trapeze-shaped hour-markers.

As with the vintage the large round 42 mm-diameter case with polished finishing and no visible bezel cuts a stunning figure and very comfortably on the wrist.

The alarm time indicator is immediately recognizable by means of a luminescent triangle in the dial center. Controlled by the alarm crown, the central disc turns to line up the triangle with the desired alarm time.

The Paris Boutique SE, 1965 re-edition, has nickel-plated and polished straight hour-markers, Arabic numerals, luminescent rhodium-plated dauphine hands and the Automatic Alarm Calendar inscriptions.

The 1965 models: tribute on left and vintage on right.

Polaris Trio: left vintage 1968, middle Paris Boutique 1965 tribute and right 1968 tribute.

Loyal to the black dial of their predecessors, each replica bears its own signature features as seen on this duo coupling of vintage and tribute pairs.

Some special attention to details true to the original easily visible are:

Synthetic plexi glass forming the original domed shape of the Polaris watch.

The case is equipped with a crown at 3 o’clock, framed by the two distinctive Memovox crowns.

The back of the Memovox Tribute to Polaris models features outer back with 16 round openings, secured to the water resistance back in harmony with the original design. The latter is adorned with an engraving inspired by the original ‘compressor’ diving helmet and a set of technical information.

Also featured with the watch are black leather strap and small ardillion pin buckle.

Again I would love to extend my gratitude to the wonderful Team MJLC and Paris Boutique for recreating the magic of the vintage Polaris with this tribute to joy of JLC and Polaris aficionados worldwide. Special note as well to the always attentive Director Yves Meylan whose willingness to listen and consider the demanding voices of few passionate is the reason this project resulted in such spectacular fashion and ultimately have seen the light of day.

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