Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First post in 2008 … what?

Well I have been quite busy wrapping things up left over from last year and dealing with all the challenges the New Year presents. This year I decided not to have many New Years resolutions as frankly unless one is really adamant about change they really never work out as planned. So firstly I will not be bullshitting myself or you for that matter with excuses like the one you just read in the first sentence. We all heard by now that much overused line of “excuses are like assholes as everyone has one!” so I will not be that lame and end up using it on myself. So what am I getting at?

Basically in the last few months I was just not motivated, simply too lazy to write something that I would not consider meaningful to post. Although I stated at the initiation of this blog I would write my daily thoughts, musings & interests about anything that currently makes me tick, well I just never actually followed up on it as I didn’t find it that interesting to be writing about. The reason was that when I wrote about these things they just sounded like ramblings and not something that I would be proud to publish. So this made me think am I being true to my blog mission statement? No excuses, it was decision time. The resolution is that from now I will not self edit this blog, not in regards to the content, writing style or any kind of suitability. So expect more posts, thoughts & opinions as often they come to me you’ll see it next here – promise.

Daily thoughts, musings & interests about anything (mostly horology) that currently makes my soul & grey matter tick.