Wednesday, April 2, 2008

BaselWorld 2008 Preview: Rolex new models

The Baselword has commenced and the news from that worldwide heavyweight the Basel behemoth Rolex are coming in. As I mentioned previously in this post Rolex 2008 Baselworld Rumors there were many unconfirmed yet very highly regarded rumors from various legitimate sources about new models coming in before hand. Today we have a very first glimpse of the actual models trickling in. From what I can gather for now we can see that many of this "rumors" were indeed very true and qualified.

First the NEW larger model - The Seadweller Deep Sea.

Larger case (my estimate is like the YachtMaster II but bigger 43mm case), maxi dial, ceramic bezel, 12000ft/3900m depth rating, He escape valve, new adjustable clasp.

Second the New Submariner date - Blue dial and bezel available introduced only (for now that is) in White Gold of course update includes maxi case, dial and new bracelet (very much like the last years GMT Master II in 40mm). Also available in Yellow gold configuration with same updates but in Black dial/bezel combination. As with all Rolex initial introductions the updated models come in precious metals first followed soon (usually a year later) with SS and SS/metal configurations.

Third is the Daytona - now available in 18k Rose Gold or in Rolex parlay Everose gold. No reported modifications although from looking at the pictures available they might be supercased a la Maxi case from GMT Master II and new Sub, but I have serious doubts.

Introduced for the first time in 18K pink gold and in two different color dial combos.

Lastly the New Day Date II - the cases got supersized to a new 41mm case. Available exclusively in all the usual precious metals: 18K yellow, white and everose gold as well Platinum.

Platinum with grey dial

Platinum with glacier blue dial

White Gold

Yellow Gold

Pink Gold aka Everose

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