Monday, February 26, 2007

Watches, watches & again more watches!

This shouldn't really surprise me (or anyone else who knows me for that matter) since watches have became a steady & increasingly growing obsession of mine ever since the time of early millennium when my "collecting" began. The topic of watches will unavoidably be a prevalent one here just because they are still a huge daily passion of mine. This all despite the fact that over the last year I have increasingly gotten overly bored & tired of daily participation on various watch forums. Not that forums are all that bad. After all they can be loads of fun, immense knowledge & start of some great friendships. Unfortunately sometimes they also bring out the worst in people especially when considering their overgrown egos getting massaged while they're hiding behind their even bigger computer screens. This is especially the case today since there seem to be so many new entrants into this watch thing of ours. Those same people who with their deplorable lack of horological knowledge combined with the lackluster degree of style & sophistication just make it (in the best Austin Powers voice) "Not my kind of bag baby!". The thing with watch obsession is just when you think you are ready to let their powerful hold go, you venture online, find something to grab your attention and then it's all over. The excitement of finding another work of time art to call your own is really something indescribable & unparalleled to any other hobby I dared to venture full on. This becomes almost a full time job & never ending education process especially if you're one of those watch freaks who "needs" to know absolutely everything from history to minute differences presented in some transitional models. Spending many of the sleepless nights staring at watch pics researching & rereading catalogues - talk about feeling dorky. Sometimes I wish I should not sweat such small stuff & concentrate on the big picture because in the end I just love watches.

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