Monday, February 26, 2007

Yup this really happened blog by me! So WTF is Sphere by Milan?

Well some would say jeez you must have no life or friends or in my case WAY to much time on your hands. I could answer with a simple curse word(take your pick), but rather an offer of some insight to WHY!
Simply wanted a chronological record of what daily drives me (be it from my personal interests, experiences or my opinions) basically what is currently on my mind. Also I noticed that with the passage of time a lot of things/places/situations/values change and so do I thus this being a record of the Sphere By Milan. The topics covered will be anything from my favorite pastimes including all trappings of a life loving man (watches, cigars, wine & spirits, cars, food, electronic gadgets, travels, sports) to thougts of events that affect me & my daily enjoyment in this global internet village of ours.

I will try to keep this blog quite light spirited easy reading, very sincere straight from mind into the blog archives. In advance excuse some of the more trivial posts, thoughts or rants in the end this is mainly for me so if you do take offence to anything (or all) just do the easiest thing and close the browser window. If you like to comment please feel free to do so as I do appreciate you spending your time reading all this.

Now that the cards have been shuffled - lets play!

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