Friday, August 3, 2007

New Ulysee Nardin - Perpetual GMT Picciones’ 60 years Anniversary Edition

No secret here that I am an avid Ulysee Nardin fan especially when talking about my favorite GMT - the UN Perpetual GMT. So when I got the word that they are coming out with a variation of this model as an exclusive unique LE I was instantly intrigued.

This LE model is Perpetual GMT Picciones’ 60 years Anniversary Edition. As the name implies this piece is done in cooperation with Dave Piccione an US Ohio based authorized watch dealer for a number of other exclusive brands in addition to Ulysse Nardin. As the Piccione family have been in business for some time now in preparation of their 60th anniversary celebration, Dave contacted Ulysse Nardin about creating a exclusive limited special edition.

In words of Dave:”The timepiece was designed with UN’s input. We wanted something that was very unique and totally different from what UN has done in the past. The dial was conceived by our entire staff here at Picciones’. We wanted it to be striking with large exploding Roman markers. These markers against the high gloss black dial make this piece very rich and elegant.” This all resulted in this particular piece seen here.

The Piccones’ LE ([UN reference 320-60[) comes in the instantly recognizable and absolutely gorgeous if I might add 42mm 18 K WG Sonata case.

In addition to the high gloss piano lacquer dial there are the UN’s unique teardrop hands which are in this case matching to case and dial WG accents.

This dial is extremely polished and in unison with expanding WG Roman numerals creating a very sleek, instantly legible and elegant overall styling. Due to this choice of styling the black arm of the GMT indicator creates an appearance of “free floating” arrow which is always good for another point on the coolness factor scale.

First look at the back of it displays another very specific feature – an engraved Picciones’ shop logo on the sapphire crystal.

The nice aspect of this unique personalization is that a special care was taken positioning the engraving so that it doesn’t obstruct the view of the UN-32 sweet in-house movement especially when looked from farther away.

This is all wrapped up in nicely in a color coordinated special box, which UN created especially for this piece, again created in high shine black lacquer. As the celebration of the LE name suggest there will be only 60 of this select pieces available.

IMHO this makes for an interesting and unique authorized dealer edition that certainly qualifies it for a genuine and bonified special LE. Great job again by the folks from Ulysee Nardin as well as thanks for bringing us this wonderful & unique peace.

My sincere congratulations for this milestone go out to Mr. Dave Piaccone and the rest of the Picciones’ family.

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