Sunday, February 1, 2009

SIHH 2009 News: Jaeger LeCoultre introduces official channel on YouTube

I really liked the way the information was disseminated this year using various Internet media. As you know I am (and probably most everyone who is reading this blog) very internet centric so today I/we get most of my information primarily and directly via the internet. While there are many companies today that are utilizing this strategy for a various mix of marketing and information to some extent many are missing on the true potential and end reach of all available media tools.

This year Manufacture Jaeger LeCoultre again followed on their path of innovation and raised the bar a bit higher. There was a strong mix of interesting information snippets coming from JLC Le Club, Internet forums, Blogs, online/paperback magazines the one that took the cake for me was the newly introduced JLC YouTube channel . I really enjoyed having the ability to view (and review at my time and hearts content) organic and moving videos instead of just pictorials that many times display lack of that 3rd dimension. JLC YouTube channel comprises of selection of press releases presenting the newest and best of the Manufacture, previous horological achievements as well various other mini films. Notably as well a personal welcome and introduction of some SIHH 2009 novelties by JLC CEO Jerome Lambert. I think the info delivered in this manner presents for a much more personal experience for each viewer and overall a great success from what I could gather by now.

Lastly in a sign that not everyone is taking themselves too serious there is a video on top featuring two JLC collectors (one of them is yours truly) with dare I say surprising humorous twist. Check it out and tell me what you think. ;-)

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Perpetuelle said...

Kudos to JLC - other brands should learn from this example.


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