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2008 SIHH Preview: JLC Reverso Squadra Lady

Press file provided by MJLC.

Reverso Squadra Lady, a multi-faceted feminine universe.

Two years after the advent of the Reverso Squadra for men, Jaeger-LeCoultre presents a collection dedicated to women. The boldly determined appearance of the Reverso Squadra Lady reflects a multi-faceted feminine universe: two faces, a fast and clever strap-change
system, a stunning array of materials, a classic design and the sparkle of diamonds. Equipped with the latest generation of Jaeger-LeCoultre movements, these models combine the signature Reverso Squadra features with a degree of refinement reserved exclusively for feminine wrists.

Reverso Squadra Lady – the many faces of an obvious choice

Jaeger-LeCoultre wanted to offer women a Reverso Squadra collection embodying the fundamentals of the iconic Reverso and its unique swivel, while also bearing the distinctive characteristics of the Reverso Squadra line: a square case and resolute character, along with a powerful and immediately recognizable design.

Designers, watchmakers and engineers set to work on creating a line perfectly tailored to the specific demands of women fully prepared to use masculine “weapons of mass seduction”. Nonetheless, they soon realized that a single model could barely hope to satisfy such a broad spectrum of expectations. This naturally led to the decision to offer two lines with two case sizes: a small size intended to delicately but firmly match the typical feminine way of wearing a
watch; and a more generously proportioned model that will appeal to women wishing to sport a watch that catches the eye at first glance.

The aesthetics of the Reverso Squadra Lady dial are imbued with a rich diversity: straight transferred numerals standing out against a silver-coloured dial base in order to preserve the sporting spirit of the Reverso Squadra; or floral numerals set against a sunburst guilloché motif and underscored by two rows of diamonds allying a taste for performance with the secret aspirations of the feminine heart, driven by the conviction that only the sparkle of stones is worthy to illuminate the passing of time.

And since the Grande Maison in the Vallée de Joux wishes to provide women fascinated by the Reverso Squadra with a comprehensive range of refined models, each version comes in a broad variety of materials, featuring a number of variations on a theme in yellow gold, pink gold or steel, either polished or exquisitely adorned with diamonds.

Reverso Squadra Classique and Reverso Squadra Lady: for those who like to forget time

A sports watch, however feminine and distinctive and especially if it bears the Jaeger-LeCoultre signature, must offer a choice among various movements, according to the wishes and lifestyle of each of its future owners. Jaeger-lecoultre Calibre 657 provides the user-friendliness of a quartz movement, as well as a second face left free for an engraving that makes each timepiece a personalized gem.

Reverso Squadra Lady automatic: a refined watch movement

Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 966, a mechanical automatic model, is distinguished by a 42-hour power reserve and a date display cleverly inserted within the number 6. All the automatic models feature a sapphire crystal caseback enabling women who appreciate fine watchmaking to admire the smooth working of its intricate mechanism.

Reverso Squadra Lady Duetto : two times, one movement

And finally, since each Reverso Squadra is first and foremost a swivel watch, how could the makers deprive the new collection of the fabulous Duetto concept, which simultaneously reveals two faces of time? The principle is the same as ever, with one face set with diamonds and featuring a date display and an exquisite day/night disc adorned with sun and moon symbols. The back, which is devoted to a straightforward hour and minute display, also pays tribute to Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 968, through a discreet aperture in the centre of the guilloché-patterned dial that reveals the movement’s oscillating weight. Once again, Reverso Squadra enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice, since the new Duetto is available in steel with gem setting on the front along with white and black dials, or in a pink gold version with gem-setting on both sides, along with white and black dials.

Regal apparel

The innovative Reverso Squadra Lady is also distinguished by its novel interchangeable strap system. This clever device enables one to change strap in a flash without any tool whatsoever. Thus, when changing out of daywear for a smarter evening look, it becomes as easy as anything to remove the practical articulated rubber strap and replace it with an elegant leather strap. This gesture will soon become as familiar to the lucky owner of a Reverso Squadra as swiveling the case to reveal the gem-set face, as the stars begin to twinkle in the sky above.

The pink gold version of the Reverso Squadra Lady Duetto associates the glowing precious metal with a black leather or rubber strap. On the steel version, white is the keynote for the leather straps, or black for the rubber strap. In the other versions, yellow gold and steel are married with white leather or rubber. This vast array of choices, colors and materials gives rise to fascinating matches such as steel and diamonds or pink gold and leather, forming a whirling
carousel of happy whims and fancies.

The Reverso Squadra is thus successfully interpreted in the feminine mode while betraying nothing of its masculine and sporting roots. It is as practical as ever and well suited to life’s many circumstances thanks to its clarity, its reliability and its sturdiness. Indeed, choosing the Reverso Squadra betokens a bold determination to wear a sporting watch with a highly distinctive style and genuine technical and horological substance. Women now also speak men’s language. Their exclusive preserve remains a unique aura of elegance imbued with unmistakable refinement, but they now also share the masculine prerogatives of strength and boldness.


The reversible case is a Jaeger-LeCoultre creation that has remained unique in the world since 1931. A timeless symbol of the Art Deco movement, the Reverso is the most classic of all rectangular watches. It was born from a challenge set by British colonial army officers in India, who wanted to have a watch capable of withstanding the inevitable hard knocks endured during a polo match. On one side, it displays the time with unerring precision, while the other either conceals or gives time an entirely new face in the shape of a second time zone, a sapphire
crystal revealing the movement, a monogram, or a gem-set motif. The two faces of the Reverso watch comprise countless different facets.

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