Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rolex 2008 BaselWorld Rumors

Supposedly there are rampant rumors of some breakthrough novelties to be introed at this year BaselWorld by Rolex. As with every year these are just that rumors so many times I really don't take for much or at least with considerable grain of salt. This time the difference is that they seem to be coming from few different sources (All supposed to be from official Rolex insiders and/or legitimate employees with such knowledge). Although all of these could be a complete disinformation or just plain internet scuttlebutt I wanted to have them compiled and noted ahead of the unveiling just to be able to revisit to see what was indeed true or not. So not to beat too much around the bush there should be "up to 10 new novelties" introduced:

1. New Seadweller with doomed glass, maxi dial and ceramic bezel ala the new GMT-II.

2. New Seadweller case size, bracelet and movement.

3. New Sports watch (either the larger Seadweller or modified case).

4. Daytona modified (Pink gold and/or PVD?).

5. New Submersible (see points #1, #2 and #3 above).

6. All gold Sub introduced this year.

7. New larger (44/43/42mm) then current 40mm model (an update of either Sub or Seadweller).

8. GMT II with two color ceramic bezel in red and blue.

9. Re-endition of the legendary Jean Claude Killy.

10. Re-endition of the Dato Compax.

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