Thursday, April 3, 2008

BaselWorld 2008 Preview: Glashütte Original PanoInverse XL

The duplex swan-neck fine adjustment introduced by Glahütte Original in 2002 is the epitome of demanding haute horlogerie and innovative and aesthetic movement design. This technical development originally created especially for manufacture movement Caliber 65 allows for an especially precise adjustment of the movement’s beat and rate. This fine adjustment is positioned upon a balance bridge, which is a component only rarely found in watchmaking.

This design is not only a true highlight in terms of its technical design. This perfectly finished functional element is also a true eye-catcher in a visual sense—which was reason enough for the designers and movement designers at Glashütte Original to help this lavish invention get the attention it deserves on the dial of a watch, out in the open and visible. Thus, the new PanoInverse XL is especially transparent.

At numerous places within the movement, components and subgroups had to be re-worked or even freshly developed in order to make this wonderful timepiece a reality. The most of important of these included a new position for the balance bridge as well as a re-working of the winding subgroup, which resulted in a new design for a corresponding balance braking spring.

Furthermore, a transmission wheel for correcting direction was integrated and the design of the dial freshly conceived. These new elements resulted in the necessity of re-working all three plates and the wheel-pinion subgroups for the movement and power reserve so that they fit the new proportions. Thus, in the end, manually wound Caliber 66 experienced a new development.

The dial of the PanoInverse XL does not cover the full surface as do other models of the Pano line, but is rather executed as a small ring-like variation so that the desired section of the movement remains visible. The off-center arrangement of the hours, minutes, and seconds is positioned against a black background, the contrasting surface of which is shiningly underscored by the rose gold applied elements and Arabic numerals marking 3, 9, and 12 o’clock. Other traditional elements of Glashütte watchmaking such as screw-mounted gold chatons and blued screws charmingly stand out from the silver-colored background. A polished rose gold hand glides across the stylized power reserve display located on the three-quarter plate, offering information on the amount of tension left in the movement’s mainspring.

A clear highlight is without a doubt the uninhibited view of the artfully hand-engraved balance bridge and its duplex swan-neck fine adjustment. The regular oscillation of the balance located underneath the bridge guarantees a charming spectacle of time. This wonderful, artful ensemble lends the PanoInverse XL an incomparable appearance.

This exceptional watch is available in a polished rose or white gold case with a matching Louisiana alligator skin strap in black or brown. The PanoInverse XL is a fascinating timepiece for all lovers of fine watches that can’t get enough of looking at the exceptional design of Glashütte Original’s duplex swan-neck fine adjustment.

Info via Glashuette Original

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