Monday, May 5, 2008

Watch News: Decima MAS Strumento XZ 221 further versions

I have just gotten a confirmation from the makers of the Decima MAS seen in last year review of the Decima MAS Strumento XZ 221 that two additional variations of this Limited Edition model are incoming to market. As you read in the introduction of this piece the XZ221-001 is a water-proof instrument, produced and tested for extreme climatic condition featuring that unique, highly distinctive and IMHO wonderful red chocolate a.k.a. "root beer" dial. Since the watch inception as a dedicated LE of 1941 pieces it was originally planned to have, within this millesemation number, slight yet different variations to distinguish this unique model series even further.

Since then we have seen the addition of all black dial, but the news of the day is that the the new variants of the Strumento XZ will follow closely to the tool heroic roots. Think almost tactical series - an all manual wind 16 lignes movement and an all black case finish!!! Sounds stupendous thus I can't wait for a full debrief.

Due to embargo I can't specify much more, but I should have further detailed information towards the start of next week.

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