Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Update ... I'm baaack!

First a note of apology to everyone that has been leaving messages and comments of support during my unexpected time off from the blog. I have just been way to busy with day to day life as well sincerely unmotivated due to some past personal & professional issues. The good news is that so many of you have been just been so encouraging and appreciative for all the posts that I simply can not digress anymore or use any lame excuses, but to get back on track.

Note of caution thought! I do like to share my sincere thoughts and not hold back writing in a certain way, but always while inspired and truly immersed in the topics at hand. From now on in order to catch up as well to frequently post I just might throw some posts/pictures/comments together that might not be as I (and You) have been used to. This will not be a lowering of a certain standard that I behold to maintain, but rather a snippet, instead of the usual essay of the daily topic at hand (including my point of view arguments, observations of daily life, recollections and reflections). Hope you enjoy the ride!


Perpetuelle said...

Nice to see you back blogging, yes indeed!

Milan said...

Thanks Kyle much appreciated ... just when I thought I was out you guys pull me right back in! ;-)

Daily thoughts, musings & interests about anything (mostly horology) that currently makes my soul & grey matter tick.